Work Camps / Drill Sites

British Columbia’s Industrial Camp Guideline

In early 2012, the Ministry of Health requested that onsite wastewater stakeholders such as WCOWMA -BC review a guideline being developed for Industrial Camp onsite wastewater facilities. The draft Industrial Camp Guideline and its accompanying concept document were distributed to interested stakeholders for their review and comment.

On October 31, 2012, WCOWMA-BC responded to the Ministry’s request with comments on areas of concern in the proposed guideline. The key area of concern related to the apparent omission of camps comprised of 10 or less people. WCOWMA-BC requested that the Ministry review the guideline to ensure that all Industrial Camp scenarios have been considered prior to any regulatory or policy changes regarding onsite wastewater infrastructure for those communities.

The draft version developed after the initial release is now under internal review prior to release to the larger stakeholder group for feedback.