ASTTBC Update on Indigenous Learning

One of the links on the ASTTBC website has been updated. The Government House of Indigenous Learning has changed. Here is the new link. [Read More]

Retaining Employees by Avoiding Burnout

Employee retention is hugely important to your company, and if you don’t know that, it’s probably costing you. Your employees are key to your business. If they go, you need to train new ones. If they aren’t happy, they likely [Read More]

Giving Tuesday (November 29th)

November 29th is an opportunity to explore philanthropy by donating your time, talent or treasure! Looking for ways to participate? Some non-profits in the wastewater industry include Operators Without Borders and For the past couple of years, our [Read More]

From Flood Risk to Resilience in B.C.

In mid-October, the Governemnt of BC released an intentions paper, From Flood Risk to Resilience in B.C., outlining how it hopes to balance public safety with a sustainable environment and stable economy. “Flooding is by far the most common, costliest [Read More]

The Case for Embracing Water Re-use in Canada

There is a perception that Canada has an abundant freshwater supply. In some regions of the country, where drought conditions do not exist, this is certainly the case. There are, at times, large volumes of freshwater available. But this is [Read More]