Maintenance Provider Training Program

Participants in WCOWMA-BC’s upcoming Maintenance Provider Training Program will be able to garner practical experience as part of the training process. Following class instruction, participants will visit various sites and perform maintenance inspections on both Type I and Type II systems as well as having the opportunity to rebuild a linear compressor. WCOWMA-BC is pleased to offer Maintenance Provider Training through our partnership with the National Association of Wastewater Technicians, which is recognized across North America. The training has been adapted to comply with the BC SSR and the SPM. WCOWMA-BC has made a full accreditation submission to ASTTBC for formal approval of WCOWMA-BC training leading to ASTTBC certification. The accreditation process is underway and pending. ASTTBC has agreed to work with WCOWMA-BC to make certain that the planned training will meet ASTTBC requirements.

Registration for this training program is now open. For more information, please click here, or contact the WCOWMA-BC office at 1.855.872.2645.

Class size is limited, so if you are interested in this training, please don’t delay.