Interior Health Launches BC’s First Online Sewerage Records Registry

Starting in Feb. 2019, sewerage system planners can submit, track and pay for their application online from start to finish.

What is the online sewerage records registry?

Any home or building that is not connected to municipal or city sewers need to have an on-site sewage disposal system that is designed and installed by an authorized person. The vast majority of these systems are located in rural and remote areas.  To streamline the application process for these systems, the online sewerage records registry was born. This IH-built, fully online application allows sewerage system planners to submit their records, store drafts of their filings, track their status and submit their payment securely. The registry will allow rural and remote clients to be able to use the system anywhere while reducing the workload of manually processing paper records and improving wait times.

Will the public be able to search for records?

Yes. The second phase of the project will allow the public to not only search, but also download the records. You’ll be informed of this next phase very soon.

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