Wastewater Symposium

March 4, 2021 – April 22, 2021 all-day

WasteWater Education specializes in providing Continuing/Professional Education Classes on line.

It’s all about the money isn’t it?
Model. Monitor. Map. Maintain. Manage.
Tools for crunching numbers: For communities of any size.

This 8 week Symposium is an opportunity to learn from the best how to make wise, affordable and sustainable wastewater decisions for your community.

All events can be attended live or viewed later as an on-demand recording.


Presentations include:

  • Commercial On-site & Decentralized Wastewater Systems
  • Australia Risk Management.On-site Wastewater Accreditation
  • On-site & Decentralized Wastewater Modelling training
  • Cost analysis and comparison tools for small communities
  • Watershed modeling for extreme weather inflow Ground and Stormwater
  • Cloud based data sharing, case studies and managment training
  • Municipal and private projects utilizing smart water/digital twins
  • The new urban reality – a blend of onsite/municipal/reuse

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