Continuing Professional Development Credits

Every so often, especially around convention, our office is flooded with questions about CPD credits.

The following information has been excerpted from the ASTTBC website:

“The public and government expect that technology professionals will continue to operate at an established high level of knowledge and expertise. In the interests of protecting public health and safety, the environment and economy, it is essential that technology professionals engage in lifelong learning. The ASTT Act and the Code of Ethics already imposes on registrants a duty to consistently pursue such self-directed Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as may be required to ensure their continuing competence.”

Effective January 2015, ASTTBC members are required to record a summary description of CPD activities and the CPD points earned each calendar year.

In order to record your CPD credits, you must log-on to the ASTTBC website and enter your credits. Only you can enter your credits, not the organization you earned them through.

Be sure to keep your records up-to-date.

If you attended the WCOWMA-BC Trade Show & Convention in Abbotsford we will be sending you a letter outlining the recommended credits. Please keep an eye on your mailbox.