What is the strangest thing you have found in a septic tank?

All manner of things have been found in or rescued from septic systems. Engagement rings, watches and dentures are certainly common. Fire fighters rescued a woman from her septic tank in May. And earlier this year an elephant was rescued [Read More]

ASTTBC’s Virtual AGM & Conference

ASTTBC’s virtual AGM & Conference is on now until August 4! Log on to visit the virtual tradeshow, networking lounge & get your CPD hrs by participating in breakout sessions.   [Read More]

Can a paper-based device trace COVID-19 sources with wastewater-based epidemiology?

That’s the question explored by Kang Mao, Hua Zhang, and Zhugen Yang in this paper, published in March of this year. Paper analytical devices are easy to stack, store, and transport because they are thin and lightweight, and since they [Read More]

Ten General Tips for Working Remotely

Even with the number of people infected with COVID-19 in BC diminishing, many companies still have their staff working from home. If your office is one of these, Camosun College has put together a list of 10 tips to help [Read More]

Phosphorus Removal and Carbon Dioxide Capture in a Pilot Conventional Septic System Upgraded with a Sidestream Steel Slag Filter

This research paper, published in January of 2020, discusses the difference between a septic system and one upgraded to include a steel slag filter used in recirculation mode. Including a steel slag filter could be a good option when [Read More]