September 26, 2017

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‘Total monster’: fatberg blocks London sewage system

A fatberg weighing the same as 11 double decker buses and stretching the length of two football pitches is blocking a section of London’s ageing sewage network. The congealed mass of fat, wet wipes and nappies is one of the [Read More]

Investing in Resiliency: What’s the Impact of Water Reuse?

An increasing focus on resiliency and water supply risk is driving investment in water reuse, or reclaimed wastewater solutions. We now see 775 reuse projects in planning across 19 states, up from 247 projects across 11 states in 2015. Bluefield [Read More]

ASTTBC CEO John Leech is Retiring  

After over 4 decades of service, CEO John Leech will RETIRE from ASTTBC. Further details will be released in the coming weeks, so please stay tuned. [Read More]

Member Benefits: ServiceCore

WCOWMA-BC is please to introduce a new benefit to our members! ServiceCore is a Colorado-based company that provides software built exclusively for septic, portables and grease companies. Their software can help you save time and maximize your profit so you [Read More]