May 30, 2017

Download the May 30, 2017 WCOWMA-BC Newsletter. [Read More]

Recently Renewed Your Membership?

Keep an eye on your mail box! Membership packages have been sent to our recently renewed WCOWMA-BC members.  These packages include a welcome letter, membership card, membership certificate, and information about the various discount programs available to WCOWMA-BC members, including [Read More]

Member Benefits: Soil Sampling

The WCOWMA-BC has partnered with two great companies, giving members options for soils testing. Take advantage of member discounts for soil sampling with CARO Analytical Labs and Down To Earth Labs. More information is available in your membership package, or [Read More]

Maintenance Provider Workshop (Courtenay)

A three-day workshop focusing on the maintenance, inspection and repair of onsite wastewater systems was held in Courtenay from May 16 – 19.  Over half a dozen students spent a half-day in the classroom followed by two and a half [Read More]

ASTTBC Technical Specialists Updates: Onsite Wastewater

Excerpted from issue #140 of ASTTBC Connect. The Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioner (ROWP) program currently has 525 certified members.  New applications for initial certification continue at a steady pace. ASTTBC typically receives 4 – 6 new applications per month.  We [Read More]