April 25, 2016

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FAQ: Is It Time To Renew My Membership?

Your membership expiry date is located on your membership card. Renewal reminders will be sent out, however if you check your card and see it’s time to renew you can contact the office or renew online. [Read More]

Membership Login on the WCOWMA-BC Website

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From the Archives

Periodically it is good to go back and look at the archives. There is a lot of valuable information that has been presented in past issues. Birds are returning from the south at the same time that the installation season [Read More]

Quick Webinar Reminder! (Orenco)

Effluent Sewer Design Manual  Wed., April 27th, 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time   This two-hour webinar explains the ins and outs of designing an effluent sewer system. Topics include how to design hydraulic grade lines, designing and selecting pump [Read More]