Factory Training Event – SJE-Rhombus (June)

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March 29, 2016

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Greywater Treatment Systems by Orenco

Greywater represents a large percentage of combined wastewater flows. As the demands on our supply of freshwater increase, greywater reuse becomes an attractive option for conserving potable water, especially in drought-stricken areas like California. In this one-hour webinar, we’ll explain [Read More]

Convention and Trade Show

Over 180 people attended the 7th annual WCOWMA-BC Convention & Trade Show which was held at the Delta Grande Okanagan in Kelowna.  The four day event included practical information and presentations dealing with timed dosing, system design, installation troubleshooting, electrical [Read More]

Introducing Your 2016 Board of Directors

The following Board of Directors was elected to serve the membership at the Annual General Meeting held in Kelowna, BC on March 4, 2016: Garth Millan, President Bryer Manwell, Vice-President John Colongard, Secretary-Treasurer Liesbeth Glotze, Director Barry Rumsey, Director The [Read More]