Rainwater Catchment Accredited Professional Workshop

This two day AP-level workshop is an in-depth rainwater harvesting course required for those seeking ARCSA Accredited Professional (AP) status. This course provides attendees with knowledge for rainwater harvesting, both active and passive, design for both outdoor and in-home rainwater [Read More]

Locate-A-Pro Listings

The WCOWMA-BC website features a Locate-A-Pro tab where our members are listed by the type of work they do, and the region they work in. This is an excellent resource for those looking for their services. For homeowners it is [Read More]

UBCM Trade Show

WCOWMA-BC hosted a booth at the Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) Trade Show on September 23rd and 24th in Vancouver. The UBCM trade show occurs every two years in conjunction with a conference for elected officials and bureaucrats representing [Read More]

Being on the Board: Graham Tabaczuk

Graham Tabaczuk is a ROWP Installer/Planner. He represents the onsite wastewater industry supplier company Premier Tech Aqua throughout British Columbia. I was first elected as a WCOWMA-BC board member at the 2012 convention. It was my first experience running for [Read More]

The Impact of Home Dialysis on Septic Systems

The WCOWMA-BC office has been contacted several times over the past few months regarding the impact of home dialysis on septic systems. Discussions have taken place with ROWPs impacted by this practice, the Ministry of Health and the BC Provincial [Read More]