How do we know on-site wastewater is NOT contaminating a shallow aquifer if we do not monitor groundwater downgradient of private sewage disposal systems?

August 26, 2015 – Bryer Manwell M.Sc. P.Eng, Hydrogeological Engineer, Partner at Western Water Associates Ltd. and Director for WCOWMA-BC.  In the on-site wastewater industry we know that if there is breakout (daylighting) of wastewater effluent down slope of a [Read More]

Onsite System Maintenance Bylaw Review Project

The Ministry of Health recently issued a Request for Proposals for an organization or individual to review bylaws and other regulatory tools for onsite sewage maintenance provided by local governments in North America, and to develop a set of common [Read More]

Infiltrator Tank Training and BBQ

Emco Waterworks is hosting an Infiltrator tank training and BBQ on September 23rd in Nanaimo. Learn more about the IM-Series Septic Tanks and meet Infiltrator’s Area Sales Representative. More information is available in their flyer. [Read More]

Onsite Informer Magazine Back Issues

Looking to download a back issue of WCOWMA’s Onsite Informer? You’ve come to the right place. This magazine is published twice per year.  If you aren’t currently receiving a copy of this magazine by mail, please contact our office and [Read More]

National Study on Technical Disciplines Launched: ASTTBC Members Invited to Participate

      Technology Professionals Canada (TPC) is undertaking a study on the technical disciplines within our Profession, involving research, stakeholder engagement and analysis. They are seeking to understand the value that industry, regulators and professionals hold for specific certifications, [Read More]