Balancing the Books

Financial Sustainability for Canadian Water Systems Canadians want affordable water services, but utilities are finding it difficult to “balance their books” as costs continue to rise and revenues decline. To mark World Water Day, Canadian Water Network is releasing a [Read More]

Consultation on Microbial Risk Assessment in Drinking Water

The Government of Canada is asking technical experts who focus on drinking water to provide feedback in the consultation process for the drinking water guidance document on the use of quantitative microbial risk assessment. The Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water [Read More]

Introducing the New CEO of ASTTBC

Theresa McCurry has been appointed by Council as the new CEO of ASTTBC, effective April 9th, 2018. “On behalf of the ASTTBC Council, I am delighted to welcome Theresa in her new role as CEO of ASTTBC,” said Trent Reid, [Read More]

BCWWA’s 2018 Strategic & Operational Plan

Are you curious about what the BC Water & Waste Association has planned for the year ahead? Download their 2018 Strategic & Operational Plan here. [Read More]

Water Canada Launches a New Comic about FATBERGs

Water Canada and the Municipal Enforcement Sewer Use Group (MESUG) have partnered with Illustrator Nathan Wright and KSB Pumps (Canada) to present a fresh, new comic featuring everyone’s favourite lump of non-flushables: Fatberg. The term “fatberg” refers to the congealed [Read More]