EPIC Training

EPIC provides engineering and technical training courses in cities across Canada. They have a vast course catalogue which caters to all disciplines, including the following courses: Flood Control, Land Drainage and Stormwater Management October 30-31, 2017 Understanding Environmental Regulations December [Read More]

Member Benefits: Public Education and Consultation

A key component of having a healthy and effective onsite industry is ensuring that homeowners have access to the information they need to make sound decisions regarding their onsite wastewater systems. The WCOWMA-BC provides that information to the general public, [Read More]

Nominate Your Favorite Pumper!

Anyone that works in the liquid waste industry can tell you it isn’t the easiest way to make a living. Hug A Pumper is a free initiative to recognize the people in this industry and to show them that their [Read More]

B.C. sewer, water infrastructure deficits still require more work

British Columbia municipalities are making some headway in reducing their sewer and water infrastructure deficit through asset management programs and federal and provincial grants, but it is a far cry from the needed billions of dollars needed to play catch-up. [Read More]

Be a Board Member

It’s only 6 months to the next WCOWMA-BC AGM! With the Annual General Meeting comes the potential for a new Board of Directors, and as the current Board Members can attest – new blood is a good thing. Every year [Read More]