FAWG-FV – Friday Afternoon Wastewater Group – Fraser Valley

February 1, 2019 @ 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Conference Room, FVRD Head Office
45950 Cheam Avenue Chilliwack
Brent Dennis, P. Eng.

For Friday Februray 1, 2019 Meeting

Start @ 3:00 pm.  End @ 4:25 pm.

RSVP by reply email is Required to ensure enough seats.


Meeting at:

Conference Room “TBA” at FVRD Office

45950 Cheam Avenue



This meeting is all about … you doing better business – You get out what you put in, not attending nets you “0”.


  1. Discussion Point: To own a gravel truck or have aggregates delivered. What is your time worth?
  2. Brent Dennis, P. Eng. – BWD Engineering Inc., will present on cost estimating as given at the FAWG-VI last month “Building Meaningful Cost Estimates”. (That is of course unless a better speaker appears again 😊)
  3. Time allowing, we will have a chance to discuss wastewater industry news and issues of the day.
  4. After our meeting, discussion and good cheer will continue at the Triple Play Pub, 45975 Wellington Ave. Chilliwack – Just a 7-minute walk.

Thoughts from Last Meeting (or what you missed!)

  • Many thanks to Rupert Benzon for stepping in at the last minute and taking time to share the latest from Victoria. We look forward to more details and MoH commitments to be announced at the WCOWMA-BC convention in March.
  • Thanks to everyone for the great discussion around stone and pipe vs chambers. Lots of great thoughts around ease of installation and economics of one over the other. It appears that stone and pipe came out ahead.
  • Same Old Take Away: Regardless, ROWP or Engineer, far too many items to list here that can streamline your business and keep you out of trouble. Lesson learned…. attend the next FAWG near you.
  • Attendance was back up. Weather and Traffic issues were fewer. Leave work early and stay late because participating in FAWG-FV improves your business, and doing business better is what these meetings are all about.
  • Don’t forget to claim your CPD for attending FAWG-FV meetings!
  • And as always, thank you to our host Tareq Islam and the FVRD for the meeting space and keeping us up to date on activities in the FVRD.

Tip of the Month

If you don’t understand gross income vs net income and actual profit and how to calculate them, get a copy of the book:

Accounting for the Numberphobic: A Survival Guide for Small Business Owners
Not only will it help you understand your real profit margins, but also determine the true cost of running your own gravel truck.

Questions and Suggestions

For any questions or suggestions, please contact Brent Dennis by email at brent.dennis@bwdengineering.com