Convention Update (January 21, 2019)

WCOWMA-BC has an exciting program planned for the upcoming Convention and Trade Show in Nanaimo.  Have a look at the topics so far and begin to plan your convention experience!

Education Stream:

  • Changing Water Usage – Dr. Sara Heger, University of Minnesota
  • The CSA Standard for Rainwater Harvesting and the CANARM Certification Program – Ken Nentwig, CANARM
  • Challenging Wastewater Streams – Dr. Sara Heger, University of Minnesota
  • Update on the CRD Septic Savvy Program – Tara Stott, CRD
  • How Does Use Influence the Need for Septic Tank Maintenance? – Dr. Sara Heger, University of Minnesota
  • Effluent Sewer Comparison & Life Cycle Costs – Ryan Cook, Orenco
  • What do the Changes to the Professional Reliance Regulation Mean for Onsite Wastewater? – TBA
  • Design and Installation of Evapotranspiration Beds – Bruce McColm
  • Treatment Issues and Design for High-Strength, Non-Domestic Wastewater Applications – Lars Bergmann, Bergmann North America
  • Managing Nitrogen – Colin Boog, Bionest
  • Soils – The Co-efficient of Linear Extensibility – Kent Watson
  • Workshop – Building a Relationship With SPM V3 – Steve Carballeira
  • Workshop – Advanced Soils Analysis – Kent Watson
  • More to come – Stay tuned. . . .


Technical Stream:

  • Eljen Combined Treatment Systems – Brent Dennis, Eljen
  • EcoFlo a Septic System Designed for Individual Dwellings – Graham Tabaczuk, Premier Tech Aqua
  • Introducing Fujimax Airpump Systems – Martin Sparkes, Fujimax
  • Designing for High Strength – Membrane Technology – Lars Bergmann, Bergmann North America
  • Pumps & Controls – Van Isle Water
  • Basic Installation Procedures of Advantex Residential Systems – Orenco Systems Inc.

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