Convention Update (Dec 21, 2018)

The Schedule of Events for the annual Convention and Trade Show is shaping up well.  We are still adding topics and speakers, but here is what we have on offer so far:

  • Changing Water Usage – Dr. Sara Heger, University of Minnesota
  • The CSA Standard for Rainwater Harvesting and the CANARM Certification Program – Ken Nentwig, CANARM
  • Soils – The Co-efficient of Linear Extensibility – Kent Watson
  • Challenging Wastewater Streams – Dr. Sara Heger, University of Minnesota
  • Update on the CRD Septic Savvy Program – Tara Stott, CRD
  • How Does Use Influence the Need for Septic Tank Maintenance? – Dr. Sara Heger, University of Minnesota
  • Effluent Sewer Comparison & Life Cycle Costs – Ryan Cook, Orenco
  • What do the Changes to the Professional Reliance Regulation Mean for Onsite Wastewater? – TBA
  • Design and Installation of Evapotranspiration Beds – Bruce McColm
  • Workshop – Building a Relationship With SPM V3 – Steve Caraballeira
  • Workshop – Advanced Soils Analysis – Kent Watson
  • Managing Nitrogen – Colin Boog
  • More to come – stay tuned. . . .

Registration is now open! 

Please see our website or contact the association office at 1-855-872-2645.

Trade Show Brochures were emailed and mailed out in late October/early November and registration for booth space has been steady.  We have sold 87% of the booths to-date. Don’t miss your opportunity to book a booth space and market your product or services.

We are pleased to welcome the following exhibitors to the 2019 trade show:

  • ADS Canada Inc
  • Aggressive Pump & Supply Inc
  • BioMicrobics
  • Canadian Wastewater Solutions
  • Canwest Tanks & Ecological Systems Ltd.
  • Con-Cur West/Liberty Pumps
  • Delta Water Products
  • Eljen
  • FRP Manufacturing (2010) Ltd.
  • G Nye & Associates
  • MCM Sales / FujiMac Air Pumps
  • MCM Sales / Polylok
  • Orenco Systems Inc
  • OSI Onsite Systems Inc
  • PolyJohn Canada
  • Premier Plastics
  • Premier Tech Aqua
  • Pumptech Inc
  • Roth North America

Registration information is available on our website or by contacting the association office at 1-855-872-2645.

Exhibitors and vendors wishing to help sponsor delegate bags, or social events, should contact the association office as we have print deadlines that must be met for some sponsorship opportunities.